Device found on Digikey, but not here



  • Saurabh_B

    HI Mike,

    The NHD-0440AZ-FL-GBW is not a regularly stocked part, we would be able to make it however the display would have a 100pc MOQ.

    Neither of these displays are compatible with 3.3V. We can also modify a display to make it compatible with 3.3V however it would be a custom part.

  • mike65535

    Thanks for the response.  However, I'm still trying to reconcile the information I've found...

    The spec sheets for the two parts I mentioned differ significantly in their voltages:

    Digikey page for NHD-0440AZ-FL-GBW...
    ...under "Datasheets" is a  link... which it are the specs:
    Input voltage                 VDD 2.7 - 5.5
    “H” level input voltage    VIH 2.2V - VDD
    “H” level output voltage  VOH 2.4V

    New Haven Display's page for NHD-0440AZ-FL-YBW... a "Product Specification" link... which are the specs

    Supply Voltage           VDD      4.75 5.0 5.25 V
    “H” Level input           Vih      0.7 VDD ‐ VDD V
    “H” Level output         Voh     3.9 ‐ ‐ V

    From the above, the New Haven Display-provided spec sheet for the part available on Digikey makes the claim the part *will* operate at 3.3V

    Can you explain?  Thanks.

  • Saurabh_B

    hat datasheet is from 2007, we haven't stocked that display for a very long time.
    Newer glass and components would require 5V to function normally.

    The controller for this display would now be the which would require 0.7*VDD for a logic High. ~3.5V.

  • mike65535


    Is the display being sold by Digikey ( NHD-0440AZ-FL-GBW ) a 3.3V compatible unit or not?


  • Saurabh_B

    No, it is not.

    The controller used in that display is no longer available. The electrical characteristics of that display would be similar to the display being sold on our website now.


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