Recommended Temperature to Turn on LCD Heater? (NHD-C12864A1Z-FSW-FBW-HTT)



  • charliefjohnson
    Another thought:

    Does the LCD regulate it's own temperature if the heater is turned on ?? If so, sounds like we can just it on.
  • charliefjohnson

    No replies from anyone on this.  Also no reply from Newhaven with a direct question.  Is anyone actually using the Heater feature ?

  • Saurabh_B

    Hello Charlie,

    Sorry for the delay, The heater should be activated whenever the display starts to show any signs of lag from the cold weather.
    This will typically start to occur ~-10°C. However many people use a thermistor circuit to turn the heater on when the temperature drops.

    I would not recommend running the heater when the temperature is room temperature or higher. This can cause the glass of the LCD to heat up past safe levels.

    The heater for this display is just a clear ITO sheet behind the glass. there is noway for the heater to compensate for variation in temperature.


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