NHD-0220DZW-AB5 help!!!



  • Saurabh_B

    There isn't a way to control the brightness for these displays. They are set depending on the voltage input.

    Can you let me know the modifications you did to turn the display into serial, also would it be possible to provide a picture of the back of the display?

  • Chris O.
    1. Question 1:
         After reading the NHD-0220DZW-AB5 datasheet, I did not find a way to control the screen brightness. I do not know if the product does not support it or if it is not my way.

    Well there is a cheat it's not a full brightness control but more or less 50% and 100% brightness control.
    At least it's working properly on my screen Newhaven-NHD-0420DZW-AY5, connected to my MYTHTV server displaying info for more than 4 years already.

    Of course it's using undocumented instructions. at least in new Heavens display specifications. There is a bit in one of the instructions to allow you to turn enable/disable the internal power, Embedded DC-DC voltage converter, Brightness DIM/FULL 


          // This is for my NEWHAVEN OLED NHD-0420DZW-AY5-ND Display and WINSTAR OLED DISPLAY
          //0b0001-G/C-PWR-11 / Sets Graphic or Character Mode, Sets internal power on/off
          //0b0001 - 0- 1 -11 /pwr on  // G/C=0, Character mode is selected. G/C=1, Graphic mode is selected.
                                       // PWR=Internal DCDC on/of control. PWR=1, DCDC on. PWR=0, DCDC off.
          if ((BrightnessValue) >= 128){
            lcd.command(0b00010111); //PWR=1, DCDC on. (Bright)
            lcd.command(0b00010111); //PWR=1, DCDC on. // not sure why but need to send twice
          else {
            lcd.command(0b00010011); // PWR=0, DCDC off. (Dim)

    Use this datasheets:

    Please see picture below

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