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    Hi Alee_S,The other displays are a genericĀ  2 x 16's that use the Hitachi display controller (HD44780U).Keep in mind that these are quite different in set up - not like it is a case of unplugging t...

  • timbro commented,

    Dear Alee_S,Your message landed on the first day of my travel and I am due back in the office on Wednesday.We are using a ST Discovery board with the display and the diagram I have sent previously....

  • timbro commented,

    Hi Alee_S,By pushing sharply on the display while in 2-line mode, I can make out the correct characters on the first and second line.When in 1-line mode, the contrast to view the characters is best...

  • timbro commented,

    Hi Alee_S,I am using separate ports for control and data now - nothing has changed.

  • timbro commented,

    Hi Alee_S,There is no problem with contrast. it can be changed from 0.004 <-> 3.294 Vdc. It is a 10 turn pot and I have tried it across the full range.By default the display is in 1-line mode. It h...

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    Hi Alee_SI found a post on this forum related to a display with the same driver that is 4 x 20 and he was saying that he could only get his display to work in 1-line mode. I decided that I would tr...

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    Hi Alee_S,I have a couple of other brands of 5Vdc 1602 LCD displays laying around which we have tested our code on and we are able to make these work ok but we are not able to find the same succe...

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    Hello all...We are trying to operate this display (NHD-0220FZ-FSW-GBW-P-33V3) with 4 bits and have achieved absolutely nothing so far.Now we are questioning if we have understood the data sheet and...