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  • cherry8wild commented,

    Yea, taking pictures of the screens isn't easy. I'll go through the code and see if I see anywhere I am missing something. Thanks again, and hopefully my screen will look like that soon!

  • cherry8wild commented,

    Hello again,Here is an update on what I have tried and the results of those attempts.1. Changing DisplayI got another identical display, but it did the same thing.2. Changing the controllerI also h...

  • cherry8wild commented,

    We are going to order another display to test, but for now since it works other than the streaking, we are going to continue using it for development. Have you seen this behavior before?We analyzed...

  • cherry8wild commented,

    Measured, the display is getting 3.295V, and unfortunately we do not have another display to try.

  • cherry8wild commented,

    Good catch, you are correct. Unfortunately, no change in the display. :/(Updated the code for future users)

  • cherry8wild commented,

    OK,The values I was using for the Initialization were slightly different, but the same streaking occurs with the new values as well. Here is the initialization function I am using, if there is stil...

  • cherry8wild commented,

    Alright, Thanks. I'll try those values out.

  • cherry8wild created a post,

    NHD 2.7 Screen Image Streaking

    Hello,I am currently working on a project using a Newhaven 2.7" OLED Graphic display. I have a problem with the screen Images turning out poorly. when some pixels in a column are on, the whole colu...