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    I just got a chance to play with the pull-ups. I have a RPi - B, and I'm using the I2C pins on the GPIO header, so removed R1 and R2, and terminated the I2C lines with 10k. The display finally resp...

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    Hi-The entire code is included above.I may have found the issue: the RPi uses a 1.8k pull-up on its lines, which may be too severe. I am experimenting with removing the 1.8k and using 10k. I'll pos...

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    Thanks for the reply. I had already thought of that, and have checked and verified the I2C address using the detect command on the RPi. Also, the I2C commands throw an error if the address is inval...

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    NHD-C160100DiZ and Raspberry Pi

    Hi-I've been trying to add a NHD-C160100DiZ to my Raspberry Pi. I have interfaced the display using I2C with CSB tied low and RST tied high (always selected, not reset). The I2C bus detect finds th...