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    One more question.  I dumb one, I know, but I just want to make certain.Can I interface the 6809 MPU (a five volt device) directly with the NHD-320240WG-BxTFH-VZ# device as shown on page four of th...

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    I did not mean power and ground were tied together.  I meant that the MPU's power and GND were common with the display's power and GND.  I understood what the triangles meant.  Your specs sheet sho...

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    Paul,Thanks, but your document brings me back to my original questions regarding powering this device.On page four of that specs document, the schematic showing the interface between the LCD device...

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    I dug a little deeper and found on page ten of the RA8835 controller manual that its VDD may be the same supply as the controlling processor.  If, as I suspect, this is the same VDD pin as the subj...

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    NHD-320240WX-COTFH-V#I041 w/ 6809 uP

    I just recently bought the subject graphics display from Jameco: produc...