NHD-0420CW-AY3 and 2.8 V Power Supply


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  • Zach P
    NHD Staff

    Hi Holger,

    When using 2.8V for your Vdd, the REGVdd pin needs to be 0V (Grounded) for proper functionality. Wiring pinouts will be the exact same as when using 5V elsewhere. For the code just make sure to disable the internal Vdd regulator after function selection A (Command (0x71);. On page 21 of the datasheet an example Initialization Sequence is given to provide visual help.

    NHD-0420CW-AY3 Datasheet: https://www.newhavendisplay.com/specs/NHD-0420CW-AY3.pdf

    Hope this helps!



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