Help with 240x64 graphic lcd. Can’t get it to turn on.


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    Hi Nick,


    I am sorry to hear about the damage to your unit. If you are ever uncertain about your connections, we provide wiring diagrams in our specifications document for your reference. In this case the inclusion of the negative voltage can be confusing, but we are able to see that the display has its own built in negative supply VEE (Pin 9) from the Pin Description table on page 4 of the specification. Following the wiring diagram, the -7V  needed for V0 (Pin 4) should be supplied from the output the output of a potentiometer connected between VEE (Pin 9) and GND (Pin 2).


    With regard to your other questions:

    1. The attached wire lead is the connection for the 3.5V backlight supply with the anode (A) corresponding to the positive backlight supply voltage and the cathode (C) corresponding to the backlight supply ground.
    2. The LCD Supply Contrast Voltage referenced in the Electrical Characteristics is defined by the difference of VDD (+5V) and V0 (-7V), or roughly 12V. If you would like further clarification as to why this is, you can find a more detailed explanation in the Contrast Voltage article located in our Knowledge Center.
    3. As we cannot verify what damage was done to your display, I would recommend that you first test your current display with the correct wiring before purchasing a new unit. As the damage to the display may not have affected the unit's functionality.


    I hope that you find this information helpful.

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