Where to source a connector for the NHD-0.95-9664G



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    Finding a specific connector like the 0.7mm pitch, 23-pin FPC connector for the NHD-0.95-9664G can be challenging, especially if it’s not listed on major distributor sites like Digikey. However, you might want to explore Amphenol Communications Solutions’ range of flex connectors. They offer a variety of FFC and FPC connectors that might suit your needs. While the exact pitch and pin count you mentioned may not be available, they do provide options for connectors with pitches below 1mm, which could potentially be compatible with your display.

    For the exact part number and manufacturer, it’s best to contact the display manufacturer, Newhaven Display, directly or consult with a specialist distributor who can offer custom solutions. Additionally, checking with other electronic component distributors like Mouser or RS Components for the availability of such connectors might yield more options. Remember to verify the specifications thoroughly to ensure compatibility with your display maximtimeclock.

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