NHD 4.3 480272FT-CSXP-T with arduino


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    Although it is possible to interface our EVE2 displays to Arduino without the shield board, we recommend using the shield board since it has features to make interfacing easier.  The shield board has logic level shifters to shift the 3.3V logic from the EVE2 display to the 5V logic supported by Arduino.  The shield board also has a micro-SD card interface and an audio amplifier.  If you wish to wire the display without the shield board, please follow the wiring below:

    Note that you can avoid the level shifting requirement if you use a Seeeduino board, which has a 5V to 3.3V logic switch.

    The sample code for this setup is the same as it is with the shield board.  You can refer to our Gameduino 2 tutorial or our EVE2 TFT Module Github page.


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