NHD-2.4-240320CF-BSXV-FT Mounting


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    In the Specifications (https://newhavendisplay.com/content/specs/NHD-2.4-240320CF-BSXV-FT.pdf) the mechanical drawing shows both vertical and horizontal measurements.

    The suffixes are as follows:

    VA = Viewing Area (the area where the content can appear)

    AA = Active Area  (the portion of a visual display used to present information to the driver in the context of any task that makes use of that display)

    VA TP = Resistive Touch panel Viewing Area (The area of a touchscreen that is clear and can be viewed)

    TP AA = Resistive Touch panel Active Area  (The area on a touchscreen where touch will be accurately detected)

    We recommend gaskets should be at least 1mm from the viewing area (VA) 

    Here is our installation guide (https://newhavendisplay.com/content/docs/int_guide/TP-integrationGuide_print.pdf) 

    We do not offer off-the-shelf gaskets we can offer them as a custom product.

    Thank you



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