TFT 7-inch Sample Code Questions



  • Michael_L

    Happy Holidays to you too!  After reading your post, I understand you have several questions regarding the example code for the TFT controller board we offer.  I would first like to say that this code is meant to serve as merely an example of working code to get you started.  It is in not necessarily the "best" or most optimized code, but it has been tested to work.  The code can be modified with your desired parameters that are best for your application.  As for some of your last comments, you are correct.  The commands 0x0C and 0x3A have been removed (which is why you see it in the example code unfortunately).  Leaving the lines in there still allows for the SSD1963 to work, but yes they "should" be removed for the more current chip.

  • Tim_Cole

    Thanks for the quick reply, Micheal. It's a relief to know that I've downloaded the correct documentation --- which is all that really matters.

    Once again,  you folks really come through with customer service. It's one of the best reasons for doing business with you.

    Regards, Tim


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