Writing to display is slow



  • Michael_L

    You are correct, that is way too slow!  You should be able to fill the display in much under 1 second.  Have you verified your delay routine to be the correct amount of time?
    What else is going on in these routines (before and after each write)?  Also, a tip to increase write speed of the full screen is to drive D/C high only once at the beginning of a screen write, rather than toggling it each byte transfer.  This tip is not intended to be the solution to your issues, but just a way to further decrease write times.

  • jrmymllr

    I think I have it figured out; getting away from something for awhile tends to clear the mind.  Apparently something I didn't notice in the datasheet is that sending a command is very slow.  What I had to do is increase the delay before toggling /WR inactive while sending a command, entirely remove the delay when sending data, and boost the micro's clock speed since data can be accepted more rapidly than I thought.

    By the way, just a unrelated suggestion.  The captcha used for submitting messages is nearly impossible to read sometimes.  Even listening to it is scratchy and hard to understand.  I had someone else look at it and they're floored too.


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