Interfacing with NHD-2.8-240320AF-CSXP-FCT


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  • Alee_S


    The NHD datasheet references the display being configured to use the 8080-II Series MCU Parallel Interface, which lists IM0=0 as 16-bit parallel and IM0=1 as 8-bit parallel, and can also be found on pg. 54 of the ST7789 datasheet.

    From there, the Data lines from our display to the controller specs are not numerically matched up as listed, however DB[15:8] from our display are wired to D[17:10] of the ST7789V controller when using 8-bit parallel interface, and DB[7:0] from our display are wired to D[8:1] of the ST789V controller when using 16-bit parallel interface, as noted below.
    The values put onto the D[17:10] bus are then sequentially mapped as listed on the D[7:0] for the command tables.



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