Sunlight Readable 5 inch for ESP32


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  • Alee_S

    Hi tcontrada,

    Please review the technical specifications of our NHD-5.0-800480FT-CTXL-CTP TFT EVE2 module consisting of an FT81x graphics engine controller that can generate various widgets, graphics and text with many resources available via our Github, FTDI, or other 3rd party users that will help with your software development. Unfortunately we don't have any ESP32 specific example code to share but there are tested libraries that may be helpful to search and experiment with on the web.

    These displays are also designed with single/dual/quad SPI capabilities and come with either a Resistive or Capacitive Touch Screen:

    Product Page:


    We are working to release a 5.0" Sunlight Readable EVE2 version of this TFT module in the future using our newly released NHD-5.0-800480TF-ASXN-CTP displays. Please contact us at with your requirements and we can provide more details to assist.



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