Static discharge killing LCD



  • Michael_L

    I'm not sure which display you are referring to, but below is a couple of typical things that can be done to reduce ESD exposure:

    - Add an ESD protection diode between VDD and Ground
    - Ground the bezel of the display

  • peteralieber

    We are using the NHD-0216K3Z-FSRGB-FBW-V3

    I thought this module had a protection diode on it.  Also, is the bezel connected to signal ground on the board?

  • Michael_L
    That particular display actually does not have a protection diode on it.  The non-RGB models of this display do however.
    I apologize for the confusion, as it does say in the RGB model's spec that it has protection diodes.
    We will update this error in the spec right away.

    The display's bezel is not connected to signal ground on the board.
  • lcdusr

    We are having the same issue with an NHD-C12832A1Z-FSW-FBW-3V3.

    Can you advise the best places for ESD protection?  The symptoms after ESD testing is that the contrast is very low (ie: looks very dim).  Should we add ESD protection to all the voltage pins (ie: V0-V4, C1, C2, Vcc)?

    Any other tips?

  • Michael_L

    You can try adding ESD protection on just VDD, or VDD and VCC and run your testing.  Then you will be able to determine if more protection is needed on the V1, V2, etc. lines.


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