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  • CTRL PWM control brightness on a TFT scree

    I am trying to control the screen brightness with a PWM signal on a NHD-7.0-HDMI-HR-RSXP-CTU.The PWM signal is generated by an arduino, by setting its hardware registers (as described here:https://...

  • CTRL PWM control brightness (NHD-7.0-HDMI-HR-RSXP-CTU)

    What should be the voltage of the PWM signal that controls brightness on the NHD-7.0-HDMI-HR-RSXP-CTU display?

  • How work with NHD-0216AW-SB3

    Good afternoon! I want to use the NHD-0216AW-SB3 display in my design, but having looked at the instruction set I do not understand how to form them. For example, D / C #, R / W # signals for displ...

  • TFT LCD drive problem

    Hi,ı am trying to drive the TFT LCD modüle (it's link is below) , and i am not sure that the initial parameter values for LCD are the right values. when i init the LCD i can not see anything on the...

  • Low Power LED Backlight for 0216K1Z

    Hi,The K1Z series of the 2x16 characters LCD use a low power side LED backlight. However, there is a 100R resistor between A+ and K-, so we have to use a higher voltage that we have to do if we c...