NHD-7.0CTP-CAPE-L with beaglebone black



  • Paul_B

    Hi Adithya,

    The default user is Ubuntu , and the password is temppwd .

    Once you're logged in as the ubuntu user, it is highly advisable to use the passwd command to change the default password to improve your BeagleBone's security.

  • Adithya


    I got to know that the above credentials are required to login. But how to login, is it through SSH connection, if it is through SSH, then I am not able to establish the connection between the terminal and beaglebone.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • Paul_B

    Hi Adithya,

    I don't recall if SSH is enabled by default, manual updates may be required when using the 14.0x Ubuntu kernels. It's been a couple years since I've developed with that OS... The boot process may give you some additional information. To see the actual boot process a RS232 cable like the TTL-232R-3V3 from FTDI is needed. Just plug it into the J1 connector (located on the BBB) and open a serial terminal of your choice.

    For support of the BBB and various distributions, it might be more helpful to reach out via their support fourm.


    On a side note, I would recommend switching over to the 9.x debian kernel (stock operating system). This is the latest version and updates are continually pushed through.

    The BB-BONE-NH7C-01-A0.dts overlay is available for download here:


    Please note that it was recently added to the default BeagleBoard Debian Image by Robert Nelson.


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