protecting NHD-1.8-128160EF-CTXI# from ESDs on a battery powered application



  • gsubas
    Hello tsmrnd,
    I am running into similar situation. Were you able to resolve the issue? If yes, could you point me to the right direction?

    Thank you.

  • Sergio_M

    The following techniques can be used to improve ESD shielding for our displays.
    One or more options may be suitable depending on your application.
    - Add a TVS diode between VDD and GND
    - Tie the display's bezel to ground 
    - Add ~33-ohm resistors on the data and clock lines

    Hope this helps!
  • DavePo
    Did any of these suggestions eliminate the ESD issue ?
    If so, which one ?
    If not, what other techniques were tried until success ?
  • Ted M.
    NHD Staff
    Hi DavePo,

    This display is rated to withstand an 8kV Air spike and 4kV Contact spike without damage to the display.
    Depending on your application and product environment, all of the options mentioned previously to control ESD should be considered in your design.
    If your application is critical to prevent interruption due to ESD, then adding a periodic display reset in the application code will help to recover from most lockups that could occur after an ESD event.

    Otherwise, adding an extra air gap between the front bezel glass and the display surface will help to prevent an ESD spike from affecting the operation of the TFT.


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