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  • JaDaveIII

    In fact, I am looking for documentation about all the functions. Not just the FT800 Programmers Guide.pdf as it only shows functions & parameter values.

    Some document that actually describes from soup-to-nuts. For example:

    How to draw a line

     Set the background color with XXXXXXX command, set the line draw color with ZZZZZ command
     Set the line height and width with the AAAAA and BBBB commands
     Start the line draw function with Begin(FT.lines) command
     Set the starting point with the first of two Vertex2ii(xpos,ypos,0,0) commands, the next Vertex2ii command will set the end point.
     repeat  2 Vertex2ii commands for every line
     end the function with End() command.


    LineWidth(24)      // set the width of a line
    LineHeight(2)       // set the height of a line
    ColorRGB(255,0,255)  // set the color of the line or other thing to be drawn
    Begin(FT_LINES)        // start the line draw
    Vertex2ii(1,1,0,0)       // start point
    Vertex2ii(1,10,0,0)     // end point

    // repeat Vertex2ii pairs for more lines. Also you can change the color and size at will.
    End()                        // all done drawing.

    // note - this does not show the Display list commands needed to actual render the line to the display. For that see ZZZZZZ

    Explanation: The above draws a single line from 1,1 to 1,10 with a color of magenta on the current background color. The height of the line is 2 pixels and the ends will be rounded with a radius of 24 pixels.


    Or Whatever. Not saying that my example is correct, but rather how to actually write documentation that is useful. So, does this exist anywhere?

  • Ted M.
    NHD Staff

    Hi JaDaveIII,

    Bridgetech shows some examples on using Stencils in a few demo applications they developed.

    DemoMeterDemo – Bitmaps & Stencil techniques are used to create an interactive knob and meter.
    DemoRefrigeratior –This application demonstrates a Smart Refrigerator application using inbuilt fonts, stencil operation and the scissor command implemented on the EVE platform.
    DemoRotaryDial – Points, Track & Stencil functions are used to demonstrate an interactive rotary dial.

    These Demo files can be found on their website from
    Download the project file that contains all of the Demo Applications from the link to "EVE Sample Applications"

    Best Regards,


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