M0220SD-202SDAR1-S - how to connect to internal morherboard header?



  • Paul_B

    To answer your question, yes you can use the linker cable as long as the pin-out matches your motherboards serial header.

    Please see page 16 in the displays datasheet regarding the pin-out and how to configure the jumper settings.


    Hope this helps!

  • bobah

    Thank you, exactly. I am trying to make sense out of this table - it refers to "connector" with up to 14 pins, so I assume it is pinout of the holes on the VFD board? The S version of M0220SD-202SDAR1 module comes with a short 5-wire cable soldered to some of these holes (GND, Vcc, SI/SO, STB, SCK?), and is terminated with a 5-pin connector. Were can I find out pinout of that connector?

    On my motherboard, the serial header has two rows, one 5-pin and another 4-pin. It goes like this - first row:
    pin 1 - DCD (or NDCD B-)
    pin 3 - TXD# (or NSOUT B)
    pin 5 - Ground (or GND)
    pin 7 - RTS (or NRTS B-)
    pin 9 - RI (or NRI B-)

    Second row:
    pin 2 - RXD# (or NSIN B)
    pin 4 - DTR  (or NDTR B-)
    pin 6 - DSR  (or NDSR B-)
    pin 8 - CTS  (or NCTS B-)

    Connector from VFD *might* physically fit to one of the rows, but pinout couldn't possibly match - unlike DB-25 interface, there is no Vcc in motherboard connector, so I need to grab 5V somewhere else...

    Also, I am not so sure how to translate terminology used by mobo manufacturer with the terms used in VFD pinout above - where SI/SO, STB, SCK should be connected to? So confusing.


  • Paul_B

    Correct, this VFD display has a 14 pin connection (see picture attached). The 5-wire cable is soldered to Pin NO. 1,2,3,4,6


    1. GND
    2. Vcc
    3. SI/SO
    4. STB
    5. SCK

    Please let me know if you need any additional help 
  • bobah
    Thank you, Paul.

    So all that is left for me is to find what pins on motherboard serial header to connect to what pins of VFD - where SI/SO, STB, SCK go to in the list below?

    pin 1 - DCD
    pin 2 - RXD#
    pin 3 - TXD#
    pin 4 - DTR 
    pin 5 - Ground (or GND)
    pin 6 - DSR 
    pin 7 - RTS
    pin 8 - CTS 
    pin 9 - RI

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