Does NHD-FT81x-SHIELD support Arduino due?



  • Ted M.
    NHD Staff
    Hi Nachalan,

    Unfortunately the Due is not compatible. The NHD-FT81x-SHIELD requires an operating voltage of 5V to be supplied by the Arduino.  The Arduino Due board runs using a 3.3V operating voltage.

    For a list of compatible Arduino's, please refer to our NHD-FT81x-Shield User Guide on page 11.

    Best Regards,
  • bret.lengerich
    The Due supplies 5 volts on the same pin that the Uno or Mega does, so I don't think the supply voltage is an issue.  It seems the problem is that the DUE IO pins are not tolerant of the 5 volt levels from the shield.  The 5 volt levels only exist because of the voltage translator(U1) which it seems was only installed to make it compatible with the 5V arduino Uno or Mega.  Looking at the FT81X-SHIELD schematic, can't this be remedied by changing the voltage of the VREFB pin on the voltage translater(U1) to 3.3V?  It looks like this can easily be done by moving R6 sideways and connecting the other end to 3.3V
  • Sergio_M

    Your statement is correct that the DUE IO pins are at a 3.3V logic level where the FT81x-SHIELD is working with 5V logic levels due to the voltage level shift provided by U1.
    Changing the shield's reference VREFB by connection it to the 3.3V power line could effectively work to allow the DUE to be used natively, however this configuration has not been tested by us.

    Thank you.

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