NHD-2.7-12864UCY3 brightness/contrast adjusting



  • Michael_L

    That command, along with the set current range command will control the brightness/contrast.  This can be seen in our datasheet, and in more detail in the controller's datasheet here: https://newhavendisplay.com/content/app_notes/SSD1325.pdf 
    Page 32 is the start of the command table, and below that are detailed descriptions of each command.

  • jimmy_sayavong

    I tried your code per the posted file: OLED_25664.txt  and apparently I cold not get the display to be ON at all -- nothing showing up on the display !!.
    I check the hardware many times, I am almost certain that the Hardware is fine.  It must be software related issue.
    Question for you is regarding the two functions:  void oled_Command_25664(unsigned char Data), and  void oled_Data_25664(unsigned char Data)
    I did not see any delay to slow down the SCLK signal at all, it is possible that my CPU might be running too fast for the display?  that is the
    only thing that I can think of why it did not work for me.

    I am testing the display:  NHD‐2.8‐25664UCB2   

    Please advise, and thank you in advance,

  • Saurabh_B

    Would it be possible to copy your code here?

    It might help to see where the issue might be. Also if possible can you also upload your wiring diagram?


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